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    If you just need a roll of sod, a skid or even a trailer load, then Clear Cut Group can assist you with all your sodding needs. Our professional staff can deliver and install sod on your property. We’re always ready for any size order. Our friendly staff is trained to place sod on your property the proper way that will ensure the healthy growth of your new grass. 

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    Benefits of Sodding 
    Because our sod is new and young there is virtually no thatch. All of the sod is consistent in size, color and growth level which will make your lawn look beautiful. Other key benefits include: 

    Erosion Control – After sodding your property there is an immediate stabilization which assists in the avoidance of any significant loss of soil by water and wind erosion. 

    Conservation of Water – After planting our sod it will require much less water then traditional grass compared to lawns that are seeded. 

    Reduction in Herbicide Use – Because Clear Cut Group only uses quality sod there will be no need to apply any type of herbicide or weed control for up to 4 years. 

    Increased Chances of Success – Clear Cut Group will install your sod properly which will have a much higher potential for successful stabilization compared to that of seeding – which may require repeated plantings. 

    Good for the Environment – By having Clear Cut Group place sod on your property it can provide for immediate benefits and will contribute to a multitude of surrounding area. 

    Complete Sod Deliver and Installation

    If you need a professional staff to come to your property and install sod then there’s no better choice then Clear Cut Group. Our experience and devotion to customer satisfaction is second to none. Our sod installation process is efficient and effective. The area where sod needs to be applied must become bare. Any debris or anything on the surface is raked away. Old turf is removed to make way for the new sod. We use a professional sod cutter for this process to make certain old sod is properly removed. The area is then leveled out. Areas close to sidewalks and walkways are brought an inch lower to ensure that when the sod is placed down that it lines up. The sod is then layed by our professional staff in a way that will ensure successful growth. Watering begins during the laying process. Over the next few weeks your lawn will experience healthy new growth with Clear Cut Group professional sod and sodding service!