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    Clear Cut Group tree services are second to none. We have seasoned tree service experts at your disposal that ready to deal with any tree issue that you may have. Our tree service experts are Certified Arborists. 

    A certified arborist is a qualified technician that specializes in the health and well-being of trees. Unlike other tree service companies we know exactly how to deal with and recognize potential hazards, diseases and everything else relating to your trees growth. We can also remove stumps or even completely remove a tree if required. With Clear Cut Group you’re guaranteed to get a professionally trained team of experts that can solve all your tree care needs in Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton, Georgetown and Burlington. 

    Tree Fertilizing

    Tree fertilizing is almost essential in the harsh conditions found in southern Ontario. By fertilizing your tree you can give it the essential nutrients that it needs to encourage growth and health. Trees that have had their roots disturbed for any number of reasons or trees that have come into disease will have a much greater chance of recovery and survival if properly fertilized. Applying fertilizing must be conducted by a professional. Apply the wrong type of fertilizer to a tree can actually cause the reverse effects and inhibit growth. That’s why Clear Cut Group has qualified technicians through the highest degree of certification (Certified Arborists). Our technicians will asses your trees condition and surrounding property to determine the most effective type and amount of fertilizer to apply to your tree. 

    Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning may be required for any number of reasons including cosmetic, interference reasons, damage, and growth discouragement. It’s important to know how to cut a branch on a tree correctly. In addition to personal safety considerations tree pruning done incorrectly can cause an increased amount of damage to a tree and its overall growth for years to come. Furthermore, every cut made to a tree has an irreversible effect. Our Certified Arborists are trained on specific techniques with respect to proper approach to pruning tree branches correctly. Pruning trees in a correct manner through Clear Cut Group Tree Pruning Service will ensure that your trees health and vitality will continue to flourish for years to come. 

    Tree Removal

    Sometimes a diseased tree or a tree inhibiting the landscape of an area on your property needs to be removed. Regardless of the reason why you require tree removal service Clear Cut Group has the professional staff and equipment to get the job done correctly, and safely. We’ll speak with you about the different options to remove a tree from your property in an effective manner. Our Certified Arborists are trained to remove trees from properties in a way that is safe for the surrounding landscape, structures and workers. Removing trees should only be done by professional and with Clear Cut Group Tree Removal Service you will be receiving the best professionals in the industry. Once the tree is removed Clear Cut Group can also remove the stump left behind for you as well. 

    Stump Removal

    Removing a stump manually can be a time consuming and daunting task. For most home owners that have attempted this the often hard laborious task turns into much more time then anyone can originally anticipate. Clear Cut Group uses special tools known as “stump grinders” to remove stumps from the ground. Stump grinders were specifically designed to grind at a stump bit by bit until it obliterated. This results is a perfect and natural mulch that you can use for other areas in your landscape. Alternatively, we can take the by-product of the removal from your property away – leaving it completely clean. Clear Cut Group Stump Removal Experts consists of Certified Arborists that are professionally trained to use to stump grinders. We know how to effectively and safely remove any stump regardless of size. 

    With Clear Cut Group Tree Services you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the absolute best care for your property. Whether you need to nourish a tree back to life or remove a tree, we have a professionally trained and certified team at your disposal. Clear Cut Group is also fully bonded and insured – giving you peace of mind while we’re on your property.