Proper Sod Installation: 5 Important Consideration

Having the perfect lawn or sod installation is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, the grass you’ve grown from seeds doesn’t cooperate, and you’re left to deal with those tough weeds. Luckily, there’s a trick to getting that lush, green lawn you want. And that’s through the use of grass.

You Need to Test the Soil First

Before you even consider laying down grass, you must test the soil. Doing this will give you a good idea of what you’ll be dealing with when you go ahead and get that grass you need to get your lawn looking great.

You want to test the soil every couple of inches because you never know what to find. There could be pockets of clay, sand, or even a mixture of both. The last thing you want to do is lay down your grass and then have to dig it up because it will not grow.

Clear the Lawn Before Sod Install

Once you’ve determined the soil is appropriately conditioned and suitable for sod installation, the next step is to clear away all of the dead grass, weeds, and debris from the lawn. While you’re at it, make sure that you’ve removed any debris from the lawn and that you have it looking nice and green.

The last thing you want is to lay down grass only to realize that you don’t have an excellent base to start on. So you want to give your grass a fighting chance to begin with. Remember, the better the base you have, the better the grass you’ll receive.

Select Which Type of Sod to Get

Once you’ve cleared away the dead grass and debris, it’s time to decide as to which type of peat you’ll be getting to use. There are two types of peat  you can use.

The first type is called garden-grade peat. This type is used primarily on flower beds and such. The other type is called commercial grade grass. This type is used to establish new lawns.

You can get peat from a variety of places. There are peat farms that are dedicated to the sale and distribution of grass to the public. You also have other places that sell peat, such as home improvement stores.

Make Sure to Have a New Lawn Base

A large part of having a flourishing lawn is the base. There are lots of things you can use to establish a new lawn. The most popular of these is a starter fertilizer. You must get a quality fertilizer; otherwise, the sod will not thrive. Using a starter fertilizer is an excellent idea because it nourishes the ground and helps enrich the soil.

Lay Down the Sod

Once you’ve established a new base for your lawn, it’s time to lay down the peat. You want to be sure you use a peat roller to press the peat into place. This will help it settle in quickly and ensure the roots establish quickly.

You must have the peat tightly pressed into the base. If your peat is slightly loose, the roots will not be able to establish correctly, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a lush, green lawn that is going to look great, you’re going to need to use peat to establish a new lawn. If you’re going to peat peat, be sure to get it from a reputable source and that you let it sit for a couple of weeks before you start mowing.

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