Installing Sod in Oakville: 6 Important Advantages

Do you find yourself envious of your neighbor’s lush lawn? Do you have any idea how they did it? Installing Sod is most likely the best option. Many Oakville residents prefer to use grass seeds when revitalizing the lawns.

“Why should I go for Turf installation?” you might wonder. ” The explanation is that Turf has some distinct advantages over standard seeding methods. If you install Turf yourself, this tutorial will be your best friend during the process.

We’ve answered any queries you might have concerning installing Turf below.

What Exactly Is Sod?

Turf or turfgrass is what has already been planted. Turf is commonly sold in rolled-up pallets with a biodegradable substance or root system holding the grass and soil together. Zoysia, Fescue, and Bermuda are three of the most frequent types of Turf grown by Missouri lawn service suppliers.

The Most Important Advantages of Installing Sod

Although Turf installation requires significantly more yard work and is considerably more expensive than seeding the lawn, many homeowners still prefer this choice for various reasons. So let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

1. Much Better For You

Turf is grown by professional lawn maintenance companies. They create outstanding soil that is as healthy and green as possible by using high-quality seeds and proper processes. As a result, Turf finally matures into a well-cared-for plant.

2. Results in a Flash

Planting grass seeds takes a long time, leaving you with a bare lawn. Grass installation, on the other hand, allows you to have a lovely lawn with fully-grown green grass immediately. You should be able to use the newly sodded grass within a few weeks if you do proper yard work.

3. More Cost-Effective Option

Turf installation is usually more expensive than seeding your grass. The method of growing grass from seeds, on the other hand, comes with several additional costs over time. Weed control, overseeding, extra fertilizing, and other lawn maintenance tasks are some common issues. When the total long-term investments for both solutions are compared, the Turf is the most cost-effective option.

4. Protection of the Soil

Because Turf is sold as a thick slab of grass, it considerably aids in the protection of the soil beneath it. Because of its maturity, it controls erosion, dust, and muck to a large extent. If you have a lot of children or pets roaming around on your lawn, or if you have a lot of outside activities daily, installing sod may be a better alternative.

5. Weed Prevention

Because Grass is grown by experienced lawn service companies, you can be confident that the new turf will be free of weeds. The density of Turf also inhibits weed seed development.

6. Reduction of Heat

A Turf is developed to cool the air by absorbing heat, unlike artificial turf, bare soil, and other surfaces that become extremely hot in the summer. Apart from reducing heat, it also absorbs carbon dioxide, lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Turf provides an immediate remedy for your lawn, preserving your soil and keeping your grass healthy. When it comes to growing grass, Turf is a good option.


Protect your investment by keeping your lawn in top shape, whether you opt to create your new grass with Grass or seed. Regular fertilizer, judicious watering, and proper mowing practices can help your grass thrive, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of sodding in Oakville.

Clear Cut Group provides landscape maintenance services for residential and commercial properties at a fair and affordable price. With years of experience, our staff understands the importance of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. So if you need sodding in Oakville, contact us today.


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