Want to Lay Sod? When Are The 2 Best Time to Lay Sod?

Preparing to Lay Sod? If you want to yield better results, you should seed a new lawn instead of sodding one. That said, there are instances when you should use sod. 

Sod is basically for when you need a ready-made lawn, and you don’t have the time to wait for new growth from seeding. 

In this post, we will talk about when it’s the best time to lay sod and when it’s the worst. But first, why people lay sod in the first place:

Why Do People Lay Sod?

Sod gardens can be a good idea for certain people. Here are some instances:

Sodding is best for lawns that are too steep or rocky for a seed to grow.

Sodding is an easy way to transplant an established lawn from one place to another (which is why you often see commercial yards sodded).

The gardener may have a particular reason to lay sod when the weather is cold and wet.

Laying sod can be a good idea if you are planting a lawn in a shady place and you want the best results fast.

What’s the Best Condition for Laying Sod?

It is always best to lay sod when the soil is warm. If the ground is muddy, leave the sod in the shade for a few days until it dries, and the roots have time to settle.

You should also make sure that you lay the sod soon after it’s mowed. Cutting the grass short helps the roots grow faster.

When’s the Best Time to Lay Sod?

The best weather for sodding is either in early spring or late autumn. Spring is for warm and sunny days. Sodding in autumn is for when the ground is cold and wet.

In spring, the soil will warm up faster, suitable for the sod. And the warmer soil will also help the roots grow.

However, it’s the cold and wet ground that helps the roots of the sod to grow deep. If you lay sod in spring, the roots may stay shallow and break off when you mow.

In autumn, the soil will be cold but not as wet. The sod will still grow roots quickly, yet they won’t be as fragile.

You should also make sure that you lay the sod before the lawn becomes dormant. If the grass is still growing, then the roots will stay shallow.

You can just lay the sod in piles and roll it out when the ground becomes warmer.

When’s the Worst Time to Lay Sod?

The worst time to lay sod is during the hot months of summer. The soil is already warm, so you’re not going to get much of a growth spurt.

In the hot months, the sod will bake on the hard ground and get enough heat to kill the roots.

The only time to lay sod in the summer is when you plan to lay down irrigation to maintain the growth.


Laying sod may not be a perfect way to have a lawn. However, it is a convenient way to have a ready-made lawn. Laying sod in autumn is the best time to use this method because the roots will be strong enough to stand the lawnmower. You can also choose to lay sod in spring if the grass is still growing. Lay the sod in the spring for sunny days. But lay sod in the autumn for cold and wet days.

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