The Best Tips for Lawn Care in Brampton during Fall

Fall is the best time to grow a new lawn or lay sod. This is also the best season to oversee established lawns to fill in bare patches and thicken your grass. More specifically, the rule of thumb is to sow grass seeds between mid-August to mid-September since the evening climate is warmer, resulting in optimum germination. When these months are upon you, remember these best lawn care tips:

Prepare the Area

To regrow your lawn successfully, ample preparation is key. This includes removing debris that might be in the way through light raking. Adding a centimetre or two of lawn soil will help to level out any low patches in the lawn. Choose a high-quality seed for the best results.

The grass seed you use will determine the future look of your lawn. Rake the seed to smooth it out and mix it with the triple mix layer.

The first step in the area with flat-soled shoes is to plant new grass to get the seed and soil in firm contact. Roll with a lawn roller that is 1/3 full of water for large areas. Next, fertilize with a lawn starter to encourage rapid root growth. Water the seeded areas and keep the soil damp until the grass is at least 3 centimetres high.

Remove Weeds

The best method for lawn care concerning weeds is to over-seen your lawn to make it thicker. This will make it challenging for weeds to grow. The most effective way to do this is to raise your lawn mower to 2 ½ or 3 inches.

If you don’t eliminate weeds at the onset, you’ll have unsightly patches of green and brown grass since these plants sap all nutrients away.

A new broadleaf weed killer was introduced last spring that is environmentally responsible. This new weed killer is called Weed Out and is available in a pump spray bottle for spot weeding or as a concentrate. This product contains a compound derived from the broad bean and the common pea plant. This compound effectively kills the root of a dandelion in a week or two.

Get Rid of Pests

Grubs are small, worm-like creatures that live in the soil and feed on plant roots. They can cause damage to lawns by eating the roots of the grass, which causes the grass to die. Worse still, they attract other pests such as skunks, raccoons and moles, so expect more damage to your lawn if left untreated.

Fortunately, grubs are most active in late summer and early fall, so they can be controlled by treating the lawn when the larvae are small.

We highly recommend using Green Earth nematodes to eliminate the grubs in your soil. These are microscopic larvae that will kill the grey and white grubs. Water the lawn thoroughly after applying the nematodes during the fall, which is the best time to prevent lawn damage next spring.

Even when lawns look healthy and can withstand grub damage, damage and destruction happen underneath.

Ensure Your Lawn is Clear Cut

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