Why Mississauga Residents Use a Professional Gutter Cleaning Service

An Overview of Hiring A Professional Gutter Cleaning Service Works.

Clear Cut Group provides property care services that include gutter cleaning in Mississauga and the surrounding communities. Gutters need to be kept clean and free-flowing to prevent roof damage. When clogged with debris and water, gutters can sag and pull away from the facia board, causing an eyesore. When water settles near the foundation, serious and expensive structural issues can result, including water in the basement and crawl space. Clean gutters that effectively transport water away from the structure’s foundation should be a priority for every homeowner.

No time

Many homeowners lack time to clean their gutters, and a DIY gutter cleaning project is time-consuming. Gathering the proper equipment, constantly moving the ladder, and cleaning up the mess can take all day. Homeowners should consider the value of their time.


Many homeowners will use a blower or hose-end attachment to clean out gutters, but the process creates a horrible mess that may result in the home needing to be pressure washed. The clean-up of debris from the shrubs and yard is very messy and unsanitary. A close visual inspection is still required to ensure the gutters are clean. This inspection may require the property owner to climb onto the roof, which is unsafe and may damage the roof.


Few homeowners possess the ladders, safety equipment, and training needed to safely clean eavestroughs or gutters. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured each year from ladder accidents. Personal safety is a compelling reason to leave the dangerous work to a professional gutter cleaning company that has the training and equipment needed to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Fear of heights

People who have a fear of heights lack the confidence necessary to maneuver on a ladder ten to twenty feet above the ground.

Age-related mobility concerns

Gutter cleaning is hard work that requires strength, balance, and agility. The more mature homeowner can fall only a few feet and sustain severe back, neck, or hip injuries that require hospitalization, surgery, and months of rehabilitation.


The typical homeowner lacks the knowledge and expertise to identify damage arising from clogged gutters. Clogged gutters can cause fascia board and roof decking to rot. Heavy water-filled and debris-filled gutters can pull away from the facia board. Many times, spotting this damage requires a trained eye.

Why Choose Clear Cut Group for Professional Gutter Cleaning Service in Mississauga and the Surrounding Area

professional gutter cleaning service

Gutter cleaning, also known as eavestrough cleaning, is the removal of debris from the inside of a home’s gutters. Why should homeowners and businesses choose Clear Cut Group to handle gutter-cleaning needs?

Experienced and trusted professionals

With over ten years of experience, the professionals at Clear Cut Group are the trusted gutter-cleaning specialists in Mississauga.

No messy cleanup for the homeowner

The service is performed by hand and not with a leaf blower. The homeowner is left with a clean roof, home, and yard.

Safe for gutters and the home’s exterior

Clear Cut Group uses either pad or safety standoffs on the ladders to prevent gutters from being damaged.

Flexible service options

Gutter cleaning maintenance can be scheduled to accommodate the homeowner’s needs. Twice a year — in November and in the spring — are the recommended times. Needs vary according to the number, size, and type of trees in the yard.

Fully bonded and insured

Gutter cleaning is dangerous and involves the use of equipment that, if used improperly, can cause property damage or personal injury. Customers can have peace of mind when the Clear Cut Group is on-site performing property maintenance and cleaning services.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

The job is not complete until the customer is satisfied.

Wide service area

Gutter cleaning services are available in the following areas: Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Etobicoke, Burlington, Brampton, Hamilton, and London.

The Clear Cut Group specialists offer a variety of services, including lawn mowing, yard cleanup, mulching, eavestrough or gutter cleaning, window cleaning, sod installation, snow removal, and festive light setups for Christmas and Diwali. They also provide commercial services such as lawn mowing, sod laying, and Christmas light setups.

For more information about residential and commercial property care services, contact the office by phone at (905) 824-6597 or by email at sales@clearcutgroup.ca.


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