How to Choose a Property Maintenance Company

An Easy Guide: Choose The Right Property Maintenance Company

Clear Cut Group, an innovative residential and commercial property maintenance company, understands that hiring a property services company to provide residential lawn and home care services is a very important and personal decision. The homeowner is contracting with a company that will visit their residence on a regular schedule, so choosing the right company is crucial. Here are some questions to ask in order to make the best decision when searching for the right company.

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How long has the property maintenance company been in business?

A company that has been established for many years has achieved this level of maturity because they are committed to their industry and customers. They have grown with the market niche and expanded their service menu to meet the growing demands of their customers. An owner-operator business serves the community in which the owner and the employees live. The commitment to live in the community brings with it a level of accountability that only the best can endure.

Does the company have a solid reputation in the community and with its clientele?

Any property care services company that has been around for many years has a track record and a reputation. Read reviews and check references. A solid company that has a positive track record will have good recommendations. When complaints have arisen, has the company resolved the issues in a satisfactory and professional manner?

Does the property maintenance business convey a professional image?

Courteous, knowledgeable, uniformed technicians driving clean, branded service vehicles communicate a strong professional message to clients and their neighbors. A level of trust and confidence is required by the homeowner to allow strangers onto their property. High-quality service, courteous workers, and a consistent brand presentation build authentic trust and confidence in clients’ and neighbors’ minds. This trust and confidence is the substance of long-term client relationships and minimal turnover.

What is the level of customer service?

Customer service should be a top priority. A call to the office should reach someone who is accessible, knowledgeable, and can get questions answered quickly. The office staff must know about every facet of the service menu and answer the customer’s questions promptly and professionally. Obtaining specialty services or modifying the service contract should be simple and hassle-free.

Is the company bonded and insured?

When a property maintenance company is bonded and insured, the customer can have peace of mind that any damages that might occur will be covered by insurance. Also, should one of the technicians be injured while at the client’s residence, the homeowner is not liable for the injury.

Does the property maintenance company offer free, written estimates, and provide industry-standard service contracts?

A trustworthy company will gladly offer written, itemized estimates to avoid surprises when the work is completed. Likewise, the type of company a homeowner would want in their yard on a regular basis will provide a professional contract detailing guaranteed services, costs, and billing procedures. The contract should be client-friendly. Excellent service will keep the customer paying.

Is customer satisfaction guaranteed?

Building a lasting relationship with a full-service lawn care company rests upon a genuine promise to guarantee customer satisfaction. Consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations creates satisfied customers. Before agreeing to any contract, make sure commitment to customer satisfaction is a core value of the company.

Does the service provider use industry-standard equipment that is well-maintained?

Commercial-grade equipment creates efficiency and ensures consistent quality. Homeowners want a lawn care company to arrive on time and efficiently and quickly complete the job. Equipment that leaks fluids on the driveway are unacceptable. Mowing the lawn with blades that are dull damages the grass and fails to give a manicured look. Constant interruptions of service to repair equipment in the client’s yard is inappropriate in a residential environment.

These are just a few of the possible outcomes of improper care of lawn care equipment.  Choosing a property care company that regulates equipment maintenance is an integral part of a professional lawn care service business.


Clear Cut Group, an owner-operated company, has been in business for over ten years serving Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Burlington, and Milton.

Personal commitment to providing commercial excellence to residential clients at a reasonable pricing structure adjusted for the residential client is a core value. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The service menu affords clients the ease of one-stop shopping for all their lawn and property care needs.

The Clear Cut Group specialists are ready to provide customers with the following services: lawn mowing and yard cleanup, mulching, eavestrough or gutter cleaning, window cleaning, sod installation or sodding, snow removal, Christmas light setup, commercial lawn mowing, commercial sodding, Diwali lighting, and commercial Christmas light installation.

For more information about sodding or lawn replacement and property care services, visit the Clear Cut Group website at Contact the office by phone at 905-824-6597 or email


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