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Does your business’s lawn have a weed problem? Allowing the weeds to overtake the property reduces your business’s curb appeal and might deter potential customers. At Clear Cut Group, we offer a commercial mulching service that stops weed growth and improves soil quality as part of our commercial landscape maintenance services.

Our mulching company has over a decade of experience tailoring solutions to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Regardless of the size of your commercial or industrial establishment’s yard, we guarantee a quick turnaround and excellent results on the first try.

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Benefits of Our Commercial Mulching Service

Mulching is essential for keeping your lawn’s soil and foliage healthy. Adding a mulch layer (decaying bark, leaves, or compost) to your soil insulates against damage caused by rainfall, harsh sunlight, or snow. Mulching also stops weeds from growing by suffocating them and limiting their access to sunlight.

Other benefits of letting our professional mulching company care for your property are:

  • Erosion Prevention: Mulching prevents rainwater from washing away your valuable soil and reduces leaching soil nutrients.
  • Eco-friendly: Our eco-friendly mulching technique is safer and more environmentally friendly than other inorganic weed control methods.
  • Moisture Retention: The mulch layer slows down water evaporation from your soil, reducing how often you need to water your landscaping.
  • Minimizes Soil Compaction: Mulching prevents increased soil density, which can stop water from reaching your plants’ roots.

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What to Expect

Are you looking for reliable mulching contractors in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Georgetown, Oakville, Brampton, and the surrounding areas? If so, look no further than Clear Cut Group. We handle all aspects of mulching your lawn while you relax and enjoy the results.

After inspecting your landscape, we will recommend the ideal type and timing of mulch application for your goals. Mulching at least once every two years will ensure optimal soil health. We can mulch in the spring to seal in moisture and reduce weeds.

Alternatively, let us protect your soil against freezing winter temperatures by mulching it during fall.

Various types and colors of mulch are available. If you want us to improve your lawn’s aesthetics, we can use shredded and dyed mulch. For enriching the soil, we prefer organic mulch. To learn more about how our mulching contractors can improve your business premises, please contact us.

Why Choose Us

Clear Cut Group is the go-to choice for commercial mulching services because we consistently deliver excellent results. Our hundreds of five-star reviews are proof of our quality and dependability. More reasons to choose us for your lawn care are:

  • Fast and free no-obligation quote: Get a competitive quote without worrying about hidden fees.
  • Polite and professional: Our uniformed technicians treat customers with the utmost respect at all times and leave no mess behind.
  • Bonded and insured company: As fully bonded lawn contractors, you can rest easy while we work on your property.
  • Excellent customer care: We put our customers first in everything we do.

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What is the main purpose of mulching?
  • Weed suppression
  • Retains water more for plants
  • Looks (curb appeal)
  • Smell
When should Mulching be done?
  • Mulching should be done annually or at a minimum on a 2-year cycle.
  • In regards to the time of year, it can be done anytime because in the springtime it can retain the water for the plants and reduce weeds and in the fall it can protect the soil from winter weather.
What type of mulch is best?

Natural mulch is the best instead of an organically died mulch.

What should I put down before mulching?
  • Some people prefer to put down a weed barrier (landscaping felt) prior to putting mulch down which provides another layer of protection so the weeds are reduced even more.
  • Some people like to put down healthy nutrient-rich soil prior to putting their mulch down.
Is it better to mulch in spring or fall?
  • You can mulch either time of the year.
  • Spring mulching helps with water retention and weed suppression and aesthetics.
  • Fall mulching will protect your plants over the winter.
Should I remove old mulch?
  • You don’t have to unless there is mulch rot displayed in the area.
  • If there is mulch rot you will need to discard all of that bad mulch before you can apply more mulch.
What thickness should I put down?
  • We recommend a few different thicknesses to clients based on their individual situation.
  • If you are selling your house and are strictly doing it for curb appeal we recommend 1 inch of the same color that is there (if possible).
  • If you are looking to have an area topped up we recommend 2 inches of material across the area.
  • If you are doing a new installation of mulch for an area we recommend 3 inches.

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How to Choose the Right Mulch

Choosing the right mulch greatly depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are simply looking to add some attraction to your lawn, then choose the one that looks the best to you. If you want to have mulch around plants such as annuals and perennials, then mulch with smaller pieces would be the most efficient. Natural bark mulch would be an excellent choice in this instance. If you would like to really bring out the colors of blooms, then dark organic mulch would suit you best. Maybe you want rubber mulch in your beds; that is another option. Give us a call to discuss, and we will make recommendations for you.

dyed mulch

Organically Dyed Mulches

This type of mulch is the most popular due to its variety of colors, shapes, and types. Clear Cut Group only uses non-toxic dyes to ensure protection against plants and animals. Organically dyed mulches are biodegradable and can last up to four times longer than traditional, natural mulch.

Natural Bark Mulch

As its name suggests, these types of mulches are completely organic in nature, offering both a natural feel and look while complementing your existing landscape. You can choose from a variety of types of natural mulch, such as red cedar bark or pine straw, each of which has added benefits. Unlike other mulches, natural mulch offers an array of organic aromas that some homeowners may find enlightening.

bark mulch
cedar mulch

Cedar Mulch

This type of natural bark mulch consists of shredded cedar bark, and it's perfect for large areas. It is inexpensive compared to other mulch types and decomposes at a very slow rate. Cedar mulch also contains properties that act as a natural repellent against insects. Perfect for rose gardens, this type of mulch will eventually weather into a silverfish grey color. Cedar mulch can come in different colors as well, which makes it fall into the organically dyed mulch category. These colors include red, brown, and black.

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