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Reliable Dust Suppressant Liquid & Road Bed/ Soil Stabilization Aid

Fusion Dust Control is a cost-effective dust suppressant and soil stabilizer that can be used in various application methods to create a more durable surface with increased load-bearing capacity. Typical materials that have been successfully treated with Fusion Dust Control include soil, aggregate blends and chip-and-seal surfaces.
Fusion Dust Control is a biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe product derived from natural ingredients. The main ingredient for Fusion Dust Control is Desugared Sugar Beet Juice.

Clear Cut Group is a landscape maintenance company that has been in business for over ten years. We have a team of experienced and certified team members who are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of landscape maintenance services. However, we also saw the need for dust suppression. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs our dust suppression services. 


Product Advantages


  • Dust control calcium chloride works by holding moisture in the roadbed. Fusion Dust Control works by coating and binding surface material. This treatment rejuvenates with moisture, is easy to maintain, keeps dust particles bound and offers a superior surface.
  • Encapsulates get brittle, shatter, wash away and are poor for the environment. Fusion Dust Control creates a more flexible surface and is environmentally safe.
  • When Fusion Dust Control is used on gravel roads, it reduces or eliminates the high cost of adding fresh gravel and frequently grading the road surface.
  • Chip-and-seal surfaces last much longer when Fusion Dust Control treats the road base. In actual applications, chip and seal surfaces last up to
    twice as long when applied onto a FUSION DUST CONTROL treated base.
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Does the product have an odor?

Yes, upon initial application due to its organic material “sugar beets”. The odor will subside after
a few days.

What Colour is it?

FUSION Dust Control’s natural colour is dark brown, therefore it will apply similar.

Will the product stain?

No, the product is completely water soluble (washes off with water) and will not leave any
visible signs.

What is the application rate?

Approximately 1 litre per 5-8 sq ft. Customer applications: please consider two smaller applications instead of one single. Results have shown that a longer absorption time is more effective. Thus applying at the end of a day/week is beneficial.

Why is it sticky immediately after application?

The product will be sticky after application for approximately 8-15 hrs. This is the drying time that is essential to the longevity of the dust control. Once dried, product will no longer be tacky.

Will this product be greasy?

FUSION Dust Control does not contain any greasy characteristics such as petroleum oils due to its’ organic material; it works simply by binding dust particles together.

How long will an application last?

Great question! We would have to get a response from Mother Nature herself.
There are so many variables that come into play for the longevity of any dust control product; weather, traffic volumes and load weights. Many of our customers will get an entire summer season with just one application!

If some of the product gets on my grass will it kill it?

No, it will not kill the grass. It may cause the grass to stress and go yellow which will correct itself in a couple of weeks.

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