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Gutter Cleaning, also known as Eavestrough Cleaning, is the process of cleaning out all the debris from the inside of the eavestrough surrounding your house.

This process is done by hand and NOT with a leaf blower, so we don’t leave you with a mess to clean up afterward. We also use either pad or safety standoffs on the ladders to prevent scratches or marks on your eavestroughs.

Eavestrough Cleaning is an essential part of your residential property maintenance and window cleaning. All homes need to have it done at some point in time. Some homes require more frequent visits with mature trees around them, and others require much less extensive maintenance that doesn’t have trees above the rooflines of the house.

We recommend a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning for many homes. The reason is you typically can’t wait for the last leaf to fall in November without debris freezing in the gutter system.

So, we typically come by in November to clean out the gutters, followed by another visit in the spring to clear out what fell afterward.

This is important as you don’t want clogged eaves all year long.  It can impact the performance of your gutter system, and too much weight can cause the eaves to start to droop and even pull away from the house.

The primary reason to have an eavestrough cleaning is to ensure the water flow of the roof is flowing away from the house, not inside your home’s foundation or basement.

The other reason, as mentioned before, is the weight. A 100ft length of gutters filled to the brim with mud and leaves can weigh more than a human.  That kind of weight on your wood fascia usually means it’s just a matter of time before something breaks apart.

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Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutters are meant to siphon water safely away from your house to avoid water damage or leaks. However, leaves and mud can build up in the trough over time, or the gutter can simply deteriorate, drastically reducing its effectiveness. If the problem goes unresolved for long enough, your gutter could end up causing the very same problems it was meant to solve and damaging the exterior of your home.

A build-up of filth in your gutter can cause rainwater to spill out and pour down the sides of your home. Since water naturally seeks the lowest point, this commonly results in a flooded basement. Moisture intrusion will also lead to a more humid space, black mold growth, and water damage if not handled promptly. There’s also an added risk of water sinking deeper and softening the ground, potentially causing the foundation to crack.

The spilled rainwater from a clogged gutter can also cause leaks in your roof, damage your driveway, and attract insects such as termites, mosquitoes, and earwigs. Each of these problems can be expensive to fix if they’re allowed to reach this point. So why take the risk? Schedule an appointment at Clear Cut Group for an expert cleaning service. Our team will thoroughly clean your gutters and eavestrough, as well as perform any necessary repairs.


Our Gutter Cleaning Process

It’s crucial that gutter and eavestrough cleaning is done right, or else you could be left with a huge mess on your property. An amateur can get the job done, but for the most thorough cleaning possible, call the experts at the Clean Cut Group. Our reliable team comes equipped with power washing and vacuuming equipment that will let us eliminate even the toughest stains.

Our expert system can remove all types of debris from your gutter. From there, we’ll scrub, steam, and polish until it’s looking as good as new. Additionally, none of our clients will have to worry about any of the mess getting on their yards. We’ll ensure that all debris is picked up and properly disposed of.


Why Choose Us?

Clear Cut Group has provided fast and professional gutter cleaning service to the Mississauga area for over ten years. We’ve seen the problems that can arise from unmaintained gutters, and we are dedicated to making sure those incidents don’t happen to you. Our team will perform annual maintenance on your gutters according to a schedule customized to your personal needs. We’re proud to help the community keep their homes in great condition.

Performing gutter maintenance can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have much prior experience doing so. But we’re highly trained, licensed, and insured, so you can rest easy leaving the job in our capable hands. As a locally owned and operated business, we’re steadfast in keeping our community in good repair. We guarantee that our handiwork comes with friendly service, fair prices, and expert advice. 


How much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned?

This will depend on the type and size of house you have. Each company will have a different way of evaluating your home.

When should you have your gutters cleaned?

Some clients have them cleaned once a year, some 3 times, and many twice a year.  It all depends on the number of trees on you or your neighboring properties that could cause your eavestroughs to fill up.  The clients that clean them once a year typically do them in the fall timeframe once most of the leaves have fallen.  The clients that complete them twice a year typically complete them in the fall season and once in the springtime to get the balance of what fell since their fall cleaning.  The clients that complete them 3 times a year will do a spring, early fall, and late fall cleaning.

Can I clean my gutters myself?

We have homeowners that have cleaned their own gutters but as they get older they start to realize they can’t move around the roof as easily or lift the ladder like they used to.  Many people tend to clean the lower portion of their gutters but it is the upper gutters that end up catching all the debris from the trees and tend to clog first.

What is the average cost to clean out gutters?

The average will vary of course based on various factors but I would expect to pay $129 to $300.

Is there a tool to clean gutters from the ground?

There are tools that contractors have access to clean gutters from the ground but it isn’t feasible for a homeowner to purchase these tools. You can sometimes add an attachment to a leaf blower but they may not be powerful enough to blast through a clog.

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