Your Comprehensive Guide to Installing New Sod on Lawns

Whether you own a house or company, all property owners know that a lush green lawn can benefit them in many ways. A healthy and well-maintained yard can add property value and make your building more appealing to neighbours and passersby. It can also create a safe and comfortable space for your family and pets. 

Unfortunately, its constant exposure to the elements can cause it to lose its original colour and make it unsightly. Therefore, you must prepare the ground and treat damaged areas for new sodding. It also means watering and monitoring the sod after installation until you establish it. 

If you want to rejuvenate your lawn’s look, this article is an 11-step guide to installing new sodding in your outdoor space. 

6 Tips to Prepare the Ground for New Sodding

Here’s how property owners can prepare their grounds for the new addition. 

1. Find the Right Time

The ideal time to lay the sod begins in autumn or at least two months before the chilly weather arrives. This step will ensure the fresh grass has ample time to develop strong roots and merge with the soil.

2. Create Space for New Sodding Installation

You can grow new sod on your property by removing the old grass and other plants. You can perform this step by using a sod cutter to eliminate the grass or cutting it into pieces and removing it manually.

3. Level the Ground

Clean the site and maximize this chance to fix drainage issues. Utilize a power tiller to dig up the lawn and even out the surface. Next, move the tiller back and forth twice to break the soil up and loosen plant roots.  Then, clear away loose plants and trash to ensure the surface levels with surrounding pathways and driveways.

4. Scatter the Topsoil

Spread six inches of new soil evenly over your lawn before installing new sod if it lacks topsoil. Also, ensure there are no gaps.

5. Fix the Soil

Get a soil analysis test to determine what amendments your soil needs. Also, use fertilizer or organic material to address deficiencies.

6. Add the Final Touch

After preparing the soil, you must use a lawn roller to firm the ground. You can test the firmness by walking on it; it shouldn’t sink in more than half an inch. However, just don’t over-compress the soil.

5 Tips for Starting New Sod Installation

After preparing the ground, this section will help you begin the new sodding installation. 

1. Dampen the Soil

Installing sodding on a cloudy and cool day is ideal. Use a rake to slightly loosen the soil surface and spray it with water to moisten it. Never lay sod on excessively hot or dry soil. 

2. Lay the Sod

Unroll sodding on lawn edges next to sidewalks or driveways, covering the left and right sides and progressing toward the centre. Use multiple rolls if necessary, press together without overlapping, and trim with a utility knife for a smooth finish.

3. Complete the Installation

Lay sodding tightly beside each other and cut off curved edges as needed. Avoid narrow strips as they dry out quickly.

4. Use a Lawn Roller

After the sodding installation, use a lawn roller to ensure the sod firmly merges with the soil. It will help remove air pockets, letting the sod roots grow. If the sod is too dry, sprinkle water on the strips before rolling them.

5. Conduct Regular Maintenance and Care Post-Sodding

Water the lawn daily for a few weeks after installation, check for dampness in the soil, and water the edges of the sod. Add a high-nitrogen fertilizer one month after installation and again after 30 to 60 days or early spring if it’s too cold outside.

Final Thoughts

Your lawn also deserves the proper care and maintenance, mainly due to its constant exposure to the elements. You can revitalize it and impress neighbours by understanding what happens in sodding and working with professional contractors. 

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