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Gutter Cleaning or Eavestrough Cleaning (same thing) is the process of cleaning out all the debris from the inside of the gutters surrounding your house.

This process is done by hand and NOT with a leaf blower, so we don’t leave you with a mess to clean up afterward. We also use either pad or safety standoffs on the ladders to prevent scratches or marks on your eavestroughs.

Gutter  Cleaning is an essential part of your home maintenance. All homes need to have it done at some point in time. Some homes require more frequent visits that have mature trees around them and other homes require much less eavestrough maintenance that doesn’t have trees above the rooflines of the house.

We recommend a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning for many homes. The reason being is you typically can’t wait for the last leaf to fall in November without debris freezing in the gutter system.

So we typically come by in November to clean out the gutters, followed by another visit in the spring to clear out what fell afterward.

This is important as you don’t want clogged gutter all year long.  It can impact the performance of your gutter system and too much weight can cause the gutters to start to droop, and even pull away from the house.

The primary reason to have your gutters cleaned is to make sure the water flow of the roof is flowing away from the house, not inside your home’s foundation or basement.

The other reason, as mentioned before, is the weight. A 100ft length of gutters filled to the brim with mud and leaves can weight more than a human.  That kind of weight on your wood fascia usually means it’s just a matter of time before something breaks apart.

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