New to Owning a Home? Here’s Your Handy Lawn Care Guide

Moving to a new house is exciting. Whether it’s the first time you’ve owned a home or the first time you have a larger outdoor area than just a small closet, it’s thrilling. You are now free to do things like barbecuing, stringing lights, or just having a place to run around and have fun. It’s a great way to begin a new chapter.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be an overwhelming task for homeowners. It requires attention to detail and a lot of work to make sure it looks great. It can be difficult to figure out, but having a nice, green lawn for kids and pets to play on is necessary. 

This article is for people who have just bought a house with a lawn and need help making it look nice without doing something that could harm the environment. We will give you tips and ideas on how to get beautiful lawn care done without creating an ecological disaster.

Remember these three points: mowing, fertilization and treatments, and watering.

Fertilization and Treatments

To have healthy soil, you need to recreate the ecosystem. The soil in newer lots is often depleted and needs more nutrients for healthy plant growth. To fix this, you can add natural materials such as compost, manure, and other organic matter. This will provide the necessary nutrients for plants to thrive and create a more diverse ecosystem in the soil.

Traditional lawn care typically involves applying many artificial inputs, such as 2,4-D or high salt fertilizers, to make the grass grow quickly and become green. Additionally, glyphosate (Roundup) is used to kill weeds. While these products may provide quick results, they are not beneficial in the long term. They can damage the soil, which is essential for a healthy lawn. Without the use of synthetic products, the grass would not be able to thrive.


It’s wise to mow regularly, especially during summer when the grass grows faster. Make sure not to take off more than one-half of the blade when you mow. Doing so will help keep your lawn looking its best.

Some substances limit the grass’s growth at the ends of the mower blades. When you mow your lawn regularly, the grass will become denser and lusher. Rather than throwing away lawn clippings, it’s beneficial to leave them on the lawn and allow them to decompose. This process, called mulching, helps provide the grass with essential nutrients to stay healthy.


Give your plants roughly one inch of water per week. You can measure this amount using an empty can of tuna. The quantity of water needed for your lawn can vary depending on several factors. The kind of soil, the type of grass, the amount of sunlight, and the terrain of your lawn all affect how much water is necessary. It is important to consider these when determining the right amount of water for your lawn.

After starting with this amount, adjust it accordingly depending on the needs of the plants. Water the plants deeply, giving them more water but less frequently. It is best to water them in the early morning.

For more accurate water measurements, use either a rain gauge. Measure the rainfall and any water from irrigation to get an accurate picture of the total water your grass is getting each week.

In Closing

Following the proper watering, treatment, and mowing instructions guarantees a healthy-looking, evergreen lawn! Remember to water them with the right amount, give them the proper nutrients, and don’t pick up the clippings.

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