Commercial Holiday Lighting

Professional installation and take down of seasonal, holiday lights for your business.

We can do large trees of up to 45 feet!

Trust the company with 10+ years experience in the industry with our ‘guaranteed’ to be working policy so you can rest assured it will be done right the first time.

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Increase Business Sales with Holiday Lights!

Want more business for your company? Install some holiday lighting on your business and watch your sales increase over the holiday season!

Embrace the holiday season with our beautiful lights for your business and showcase the festive spirit within your community! It’s been proven that if you have lights you will increase the interest from the immediate community. The refreshing and rejuvenating look will attract old and new customers. Local businesses have come to recognize how holiday lighting can be an excellent marketing tool. Not only will it make your business look spectacular but it can actually bring in more clients as a result! Contact our office today to find out how we can take care of your holiday lighting needs for your business.

Choose from a Variety of Styles and Sizes

Clear Cut Group offers C6 size bulbs in traditional, incandescent and led types and C9 size for led. In addition to all the traditional colors available we also offer both warm white and pure white for your business. Warm white is often a client favorite due to its slight, yellow hue. This often reminds people of what white lights looked like many years ago with traditional incandescent lights. Pure white is a more modern ‘white’ which is also quite popular as well.

Business Holiday Lighting

Peace of Mind For Your Business With our Insured Holiday Lighting Services

At Clear Cut Group we’re fully bonded and insured when working on your business property. We take safety very seriously. Other companies that advertise on classified websites often don’t have insurance. Don’t take any chances! At Clear Cut Group we train all our staff and are the areas most experienced business commercial holiday lighting installers. All of our equipment and vehicles are exceptionally well maintained with a rigorous schedule and checklist. We also use ladder stand offs. Businesses sometimes have a steep roof pitch and while traditional ladders will work a ladder standoff goes over top the eaves system and rests two solid legs on the roof. This offers substantially more stability. Clear Cut Group has insurance to protect our workers and also because we respect your business. Contact our office for more details.

We will come to your place of business and take down the holiday lights after the season is over!

Our business clients ask us all the time “why not leave them on all year”. Over the years we’ve come to learn a few things about leaving your holiday lighting up for the whole year and as a result we strongly recommend taking them down. Here are a few reasons why:

Bulbs will Fade as a Result of UV light – In one instance at a commercial holiday lighting business one strand within a series of strands burnt out by the next year. We replaced it with an identical strand. However, because the UV light had faded the color of the bulb it made the new strand stand out and the entire lighting scheme looked ‘off’ as a result.

Animal Interference – It’s no surprise that animals can be destructive, even where business holiday lighting is concerned. Squirrels and rodents have been known to cause havoc to strands and extension cords.

Bulb Clips are Affected by UV – The clips associated with the strands will become brittle. We’ve seen businesses that have decided to leave their holiday lighting on all year only to find the clips that hold the strands break apart.

Weather Affects Bulb Longevity – There isn’t any holiday bulb that does not become weathered after time. Rain will decrease the life span of bulbs over time. This isn’t so much an issue during the holiday season, however, business that decide to leave their bulbs up will eventually see rain in the spring.

Your Commercial Holiday Lighting Solution!

If you need a professional company to install holiday lights at your place of business then contact Clear Cut Group today. We’ve been doing commercial holiday lighting services professionally for many years with an experienced, uniformed staff. We have a wide selection of lights and lighting configurations for your business to choose from. And we’re always striving for customer excellence. That’s probably why we have the same clients contacting us year after year. Find out for yourself, contact our office today and have our team setup the most spectacular holiday lighting for your business.

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