Sod Installation: How to make your home landscaping a success

Quality sod installation is a key component in any home landscaping project, and it can be hard to find the right company to do this work. We at Clear Cut Group are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality sod installation services for all of their landscaping needs! With over 10 years experience in the industry, we’ve learned that there are many factors that go into deciding on which sod type will best suit your yard’s needs. That’s why you’ll get personalized service from us every time!

Why Sod Installation Is Important For Home Landscaping

Sod installation is one of the most important components in any landscaping project. Sod helps to establish your yard’s aesthetic personality and can serve as a canvas for other types of plantings throughout the rest of your lawn. Whether you’re looking to landscape or just want an instant green space, sod is key!

What we offer: Clear Cut Group offers high-quality professional sod installations so you know that it’ll be done right from start to finish! We also do all grading and soil preparation before installing our top-quality product so there are no surprises later on down the line when things don’t go according to plan. With over five years’ experience in this industry, we’ve found that providing customized service to each customer means better results.

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What To Do Before You Install Sod

  • Know how much sod is needed for your space. We recommend a minimum of 800 square feet per pallet and the number will depend on the quality and type of sodded area desired.
  • Prepare any existing lawn by removing weeds, fertilizing, overseeding, or power raking as necessary before installing new sod. This ensures that when we come in with our high-quality product, it looks beautiful from start to finish!
  • Choose a good day after rain (not sun-baked) so moisture levels are optimal for installation. Be sure not to install too early during winter months if frost is possible because while most types of grasses tolerate cold weather well, they won’t grow until spring.

Do I Need To Put Topsoil Down Before Sod?

Yes, you need to put a minimum of six inches of topsoil down before installing sod. This ensures that the roots will have plenty of room to grow and also helps with drainage issues in your yard for years to come.

Benefits Of Installing New Turf On Your Lawn?

There are many benefits to installing new turf on your lawn. One of the biggest advantages is that you will not have to mow it as much while still maintaining a healthy appearance.

  • You can now enjoy having more time and money!
  • Less need for fertilizer, weed killer, or pesticides because natural grass sod does not attract weeds in the same way artificial turf might.
  • Cleaner air with lower carbon emissions from less fossil fuel burning (fuel used by gas-powered lawnmowers).
  • You’ll also be helping out the environment when you choose quality sod installation in Mississauga ON Canada this summer!

How Much Should Sod Installation Cost?

Cost: The cost of quality sod installation depends on the size and type of your lawn. For example, if you have a larger yard that is in needs to be re-sodded then the price will be higher than for someone who has just one section or patch, they would like installed. But don’t worry! There are many financing options available for those looking to install new turf soon but do not want to pay all at once. Contact us today to find out more information about our finance plan options.

Is Sod Worth The Money?

That is a question that many homeowners ask. Sod is a great way to give your home landscaping a makeover this summer! It will help revitalize the lawn, making it look healthier and greener than ever before. Installing sod can also be a good option if you have been thinking about getting new lawnmowers). You’ll also be helping out the environment when you choose quality sod installation in Mississauga ON Canada this summer!


The cost of quality sod installation depends on the size and type of your lawn. For example, if you have a larger yard that is in needs to be re-sodded then the price will be higher than for someone who has just one section or patch, they would like installed.

Can You Lay Sod Over Existing Grass?

Yes, you can lay sod over existing turfgrass. This is a popular method if someone has already laid new turf and wants to cover it with better quality soil (sod). It’s also used for high-traffic areas where there are plenty of weeds or other plants growing in unwanted places.

The installation process starts by removing any dead patches from the previous crop so that they don’t interfere with installation. A subsoil layer may be added before laying down peat moss or top-dress as well; these layers work together to provide nutrients for the roots during their first season until they establish themselves.

Is It Better To Seed Or Sod?

It’s better to sod when you need a quick fix, or if there are no weeds in the area that will interfere with seeding. Sod installation can also be faster than seeding and it doesn’t require any watering after the installation as long as it was installed properly and has established well for at least three months before becoming fully dry. Plus, sodding provides more stability underfoot because of its thickness so it makes sense for high-traffic areas where people walk often like playgrounds or ball fields.

Seeded grass requires patience: It takes about two weeks until the first blades appear above ground while sodding starts coming up within days–sometimes even hours!

How Long Does Sod Take To Root?

It usually takes around three months for the sod to become fully rooted.

Can You Lay Sod Without Tilling?

The best option is to till the soil as much as you can and then lay down some weed cloth before laying out the sod. The best time of year to tiller your yard is in late winter or early spring when it’s a little cooler outside since summer months are too hot for this process.

How Long Can Sod Sit Before Laying?

It takes about two weeks for the sod to decompress and become pliable enough to install.

Before laying out the sod- it is best to make sure that you’ll have an adequate sunshine duration from morning until evening. This will ensure a healthy establishment of turfgrass before winter arrives. Once this has been determined, follow these steps below which include tilling your soil so that weed roots are killed prior; followed by fertilizing with an appropriate starter fertilizer (taking into consideration any existing plants), or soil amendment such as compost; then finally raking up excess clippings after mowing.

What Direction Should You Lay Sod?

You should lay sod so that the grass is running perpendicular to your home.

Does Rain Hurt New Sod?

That is a great question. Heavy rain may cause some of the grass to be washed away which is why it’s important to water after a rainfall event and before any future rains occur.

What is sod made out of?

Sod can be comprised of different components, but most commonly has roots from Kentucky Bluegrass or Perennial Rye Grass plants.

Some things that will affect the life expectancy of sod are: soil type, amount and timing of watering (including how long between watered), sunlight hours per day, shading conditions such as nearby buildings or trees, temperature fluctuations, humidity levels in your region during wetter periods like winter months–these factors all play an integral role when considering what types, you might want for sodding!

In Conclusion: Sod installation should be considered if you’re looking for quality landscaping that will look great from day one! As you’ve seen, there are several benefits including faster establishment times, lower water requirements afterward because most of its roots have already taken hold by the time it’s installed, more stability underfoot thanks to its thickness which makes sense for high-traffic areas like playgrounds or ball fields…and so on.

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We guarantee you will love how your new lawn will look. Our trained sodding technicians will also provide aftercare instructions to ensure you are successful and a proud owner of the best lawn on the street. With our Kentucky Bluegrass sod, you will receive a beautiful thick lush lawn from day one. A beautiful lawn will make you smile every time you walk out your door knowing you are receiving personalized care from the professionals at Clear Cut Group.

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