New Grass Sod: 5 Telltale Signs That Your Lawn Needs It

Why new Grass Sod? 

Seasons change, and the greenery on your lawn won’t stay. So around this time of year, your lawn might not look as green and lush as it did last year. And unfortunately, your yard is one of the first things people see when they come to your home.

It’s natural for homeowners they want their lawn to look its best. But, if you’re considering giving your lawn a proper makeover, you may wonder if you need to replace the grass sod. Having new and better turf can help you cultivate a greener space.

If you aren’t convinced, here are five telltale signs that your lawn needs some new and proper grass sodding:

1) Bare Patches

If you start to notice bare patches on your lawn, it’s a sign that the grass isn’t healthy. Of course, the bare patches could be caused by several things, such as disease, pests, or even lack of water. Whatever the cause, the result is an unsightly lawn that needs to be fixed. Replacing the grass sod is the best way to ensure a thick and healthy lawn.

2) Poor Drainage

One of the biggest problems with a lawn is poor drainage. Poor drainage can cause the grass to become unhealthy and lead to mould and mildew. If your property doesn’t drain properly, it can quickly become waterlogged and soggy. If your property’s lawn isn’t draining correctly, aerate it or install a drainage system before getting grass sodding.

3) Sudden Erosion

Sudden erosion can be a big problem for any lawn. If your lawn seems like it’s starting to wash away, you must take action immediately. Otherwise, the erosion could cause severe damage to your property. There are a few different ways to prevent erosion, such as installing a drainage system or planting grass resistant to erosion.

4) Dry Grass

If your grass looks dry, it could be a sign that it isn’t getting enough water. However, you must act right away if you see that your grass is beginning to turn brown. Be sure to water the lawn regularly, and consider installing a sprinkler system if you live in an area with little rainfall. You may also want to get grass sodding to have a clean slate.

5) Rampant Weeds

Weeds are quite a common lawn problem that homeowners face when it comes to their lawns. They are unsightly and can also choke out healthy grass and lead to bare patches. If you see weeds, you should pull them out right away and replace the grass sod. Doing this can make your yard look much nicer than before.


If your lawn looks thin, patchy, or discoloured, it may be time to lay down some new grass sod. Laying down fresh sod is a great way to give your lawn a quick and easy makeover. Do your research and pick the correct type of sod for your climate and soil type.

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