Commercial Sod Services

Clear Cut Group Can Handle Your New Sod Installations.

Whether you’re a builder with new development properties or an existing commercial property, the appearance of your business starts with how good and well-maintained your property is.

Clear Cut Group offers complete commercial lawn maintenance with regularly scheduled grass cutting, mulching and it all begins with a brilliant coat of luscious, green and vibrant sod.

Our commercial sodding service includes a complete installation by a professionally trained and experienced team of sod experts.

Large Scale Sod Projects

Large square footages of fresh sod that is installed in a timely manner by a qualified and insured team of professionals is what we do best.

Get your commercial sod installation done right the first time by southern Ontario’s best commercial sod company! A professional sod technician will assess and review your specific needs for your commercial property. In some instances sod repair or mulch may be a more practical or viable option.

Fresh sod installation starts by our technicians completely removing grasses and debris from the areas in question. Removing rocks and flattening the area is extremely important to ensure the new sod transitions to the area properly. This is after we’ve laid down some fresh, nutrient rich soil.

Sod isn’t simply ‘laid down’ but rather installed in such a manner for the greatest chances of integration success. We start from the outside or edges from the exterior part of the property that requires sod and work our way in with a unique pattern.

After the sod has been installed it’s watered down to assist with the transition to the newly laid fresh and nutrient-rich soil. Watering is done in regular intervals until the sod has fully-integrated into the new area. What’s also is important is our post-flattening process.

To ensure a natural-looking grass that is extremely vibrant and appeasing to your commercial property we will level out all the pieces after laying them so that they are connected seamlessly. Our commercial sod service is a complete service for your property with no hidden fees or additional services required.

This means that you can count on us from meeting one of our technicians for the initial assessment straight through to watering the freshly installed and finished product.

Contact Clear Cut Group for a free, no-obligation quote on our commercial sod services and one of our technicians would be happy to discuss your specific needs for your commercial property.

Once your sod has been successfully installed on your commercial property maintenance is important to ensure a natural and healthy success for many years to come. That fresh and vibrant look that customers will see will reflect the professionalism of your business. Watering the new sod is important after it’s been laid down. Once the commercial sod has transitioned into its new home regular grass maintenance is required on a regular basis. Clear Cut Group offers complete seasonal grass maintenance for your commercial sod during the entire season. Combine and save when you order two or more services. Contact our office for details.

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