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Professional Grass Cutting Service in Mississauga and Surrounding Areas

With Clear Cut Group Grass Cutting Service you’ll receive premium quality from a professional grass cutting team. All of our staff are bonded and insured – giving you peace of mind. We have a long list of professional equipment that is regularly maintained to ensure it’s always in top condition.

Professional Grass Cutting Service

With regular and consistent visits Clear Cut Group will cut your grass throughout the entire grass cutting season. All properties are different and some properties have unique natural and/or man-made obstacles that must be overcome when cutting grass. This could include anything from slopes and steep hills to landscaping structures such as statues. Clear Cut Group grass cutting experts are trained to effectively and safely recognize and solve these issues before we even unload any equipment.


Grass Cutting

Clear Cut Group will never cut your grass the same way each week. If we cut your grass vertically one week then we’ll cut it horizontally the next. The reason for this is avoid ruts in your lawn that could be caused by the wheels of grass cutting machines going over the same path again and again.


Our grass cutting services also include trimming around the edges of your driveway, walkway and otherwise anywhere the grass line ends with respect to your property.

Clean Up

Clear Cut Group also includes all cleanup including blowing the clippings of grass they may have landed on your walkways and/or driveway. This way you’ll have a clean looking and presentable property.

Our grass cutting team is committed to making you happy. Clear Cut Group will do there best to ensure work around your schedule when cutting your grass. We’re also committed to showing when we say we will. Grass cutting throughout the summer season requires a grass cutting company that is consistent, reliable and professional. With a professional grass cutting team Clear Cut Group will exceed your expectations. Using 21-inch push mowers and a 36-inch rider mower Clear Cut Group can quickly and take care of all your grass cutting needs this season!

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Our crews are fully bonded and insured giving you peace of mind when we’re on your property. With over 10 years' experience serving both residential and commercial clients, our technicians are ready to get started on your FREE QUOTE with absolutely no obligation on your part.