Mulch Installation

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Mulching is a great alternative to weed controls as it offers a very natural look and it is safe for the environment. By spreading mulch over an exposed surface of soil, light will be blocked which will result in the discouragement of weed growth.

Mulching is either organic material, such as manure, shredded bark chips or compost, or inorganic which include pebbles or crushed rock.

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Benefits of Mulch

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your soil and plants. If you haven’t done it before then we highly recommend it. The benefits to the natural and healthy growth of your plants and contributions to your soil are much greater than any inorganic weed control. A fresh layer of mulch will help against the germination of weeds which will reduce the need for weed controls. By mulching you can also moderate the temperature of your soil. In dry weather moisture will be retained which will result in the need for less watering. Mulch acts as an insulation barrier helping to protect against the extreme conditions of both the summer and winter. Mulching is very attractive and can add to the natural and beautiful look of any landscape. It comes in a variety of colors, types and varieties.

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Organically Dyed Mulches

This type of mulch is the most popular due to the variety of colors, shapes, and types. Clear Cut Group only uses non-toxic dyes to ensure protection against plants and animals. Organically dyed mulches are biodegradable and can last up to four times longer than traditional, natural mulch.

Natural Bark Mulch

As its name suggest these types of mulches are completely organic in nature offering both a natural feel and look while complementing your existing landscape. You can choose from a variety of types of natural mulch such as red cedar bark or pine straw, each of which have added benefits. Unlike other mulches, natural mulch offers an array of organic aromas which some homeowners may find enlightening.

Cedar Mulch

This type of natural bark mulch consists of shredded cedar bark and its perfect for large areas. It is inexpensive compared to other mulch types and decomposes at a very slow rate. Cedar mulch also contains properties which act as a natural repellent against insects. Perfect for rose gardens this type of mulch will eventually weather into a silverfish grey color. Cedar mulch can come in different colors as well, which makes it fall into the organically dyed mulches category. These colors include red, brown and black.

Other Mulch Types

The variety of mulch types is extensive. Different types of mulch offer different benefits and attributes. For example: Leaf mulch types provide for an excellent weed control whereas pine needle mulch would be more beneficial for acid loving trees and shrubs. Deciding which type of mulch you need depends greatly on how it is applied. Dark organic mulch (shown) tends to hold its color longer and some consider it to be a more vibrant contrast for the look and feel against plants and shrubs.

How to Choose the Right Mulch

Choosing the right mulch greatly depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are simply looking to add some attraction to your lawn, then choose the one that looks the best to you. If you want to have mulch around plants such as annuals and perennials, then mulch with smaller pieces would be most efficient. Natural bark mulch would be an excellent choice in this instance. If you would like to really bring out the colors of blooms then dark organic mulch would suit best. Maybe you want a rubber mulch in your beds, that is another option. Give us a call to discuss and we will make recommendations for you.

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