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We all love our lawns, don’t we? And you should too! That’s why when the time comes for new sod Clear Cut Group will be there with everything from the consultation to the installation. We know what kind of care is best suited to your Milton property so that no matter how much work your project requires for a new refreshing look, the professionals are here to help.

Clear Cut Group has been the most reliable sod installation company in Milton since 2014. With our quick response times, friendly service and on time completion of projects not only have homeowners been satisfied but business owners too! You can depend on us to provide quality workmanship when you need it most with tidy up processes that leave your property looking good as new again.

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Milton Sodding

Benefits of a New Sod Installation

Our sodding installation company has over a decade of experience providing lawn replacement services and creating lawns from scratch. Our sodding service involves installing pre-grown grass in your yard to deliver the following benefits:

  • Instant Lawn: Within a day, you can have a luscious lawn surrounding your home or business.
  • Less Irrigation: Sod requires far less water than growing a lawn from seeds.
  • Added Value: A beautiful lawn distinguishes your business from neighboring competitors and boosts the aesthetic appeal of your premises.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion: Sod prevents erosion by protecting the soil beneath it from the elements.
  • Top-Quality Grass: We use Kentucky Bluegrass for your new sod, which delivers a beautiful and lush lawn immediately after installation.
  • Reduces Likelihood of Weeds: Our sodding process minimizes the chances of weeds sprouting in your sodded yard.


Choosing our sod team means receiving quality grass sod at lower rates. We ensure that you get nothing but freshly cut sod each time. We provide the best quality sod installations possible which are provided by our expertly trained employees. 

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Why Choose Us?

We aim for a quick turnaround on every sodding job and leave no mess behind. More reasons to choose us for sodding installation are:

  • Competitive sod prices: We install high-quality sod at some of the best prices. Plus, you never have to worry about hidden fees.
  • Courteous and professional landscapers: Our workers treat all customers with the utmost respect.
  • Bonded and insured company: We are trustworthy and bonded, meaning you can rest easy while we work on your property.
  • Durable solutions: Our sod installations stand the test of time.


Choosing our team means receiving quality grass sod at lower rates. We ensure that you get nothing but freshly cut sod each time. We provide the best quality sod installations possible which are provided by our expertly trained employees. 

We guarantee you will love how your new lawn will look. Our trained sod technicians will also provide aftercare instructions to ensure you are successful and a proud owner of the best lawn on the street. With our Kentucky Bluegrass sod, you will receive a beautiful thick lush lawn from day one. A beautiful lawn will make you smile every time you walk out your door knowing you are receiving personalized care from the professionals at Clear Cut Group.

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Cost Of Sod

To make your yard look lush and green, you’ll need to install sod first. We offer all of the labor involved in preparing the grounds, leveling soil before we lay down a layer of three-inch-thick turf for an attractive lawn that will last many years. Our rates include cost per square foot with high-quality fertilizer included for projects over $785.00. You can rest assured knowing our prices are competitively priced compared to other companies out there.

The cost of our sodding services is determined by the size and scope of your project. The price goes down per square foot as the area increases because labor costs are spread over more surface space. We work hard every step along the way so you can enjoy green grass year-round!

The main determinant in what sodding costs will vary with different factors such as how large an area needs to be covered or if there’s any slope on site– but we never compromise quality materials nor level service provided during installation. Cost may vary depending on many variables like whether it includes leveling out ground (or excavation for example). 

The best way to get an accurate estimation is to get a free quote from us here


What is your sodding process?

We take a 3 step process to complete the job (this is a high-level overview of course). 

  1. We use a sod cutter and strip off the old sod
  2. Lay triple mix – spread it out and grade it
  3. Lay freshly cut sod in a brick pattern format or in a unique pattern we have created

How long does it take to complete the lawn replacement?

Most projects are done in 1 day with larger jobs done in 2 days. We know we are tying up your driveway and such so we like to get in and get out to minimize the disruption to you and your day to day life. If it is a 2-day job it is usually back to back days so we don’t leave you with a mud pit for weeks on end.

What is the horticultural vinegar that you apply to the lawn?

It is a strong vinegar (20% acidic) that we spray on the lawn to kill everything including the lawn and weeds. It is another layer of comfort for clients that all the existing weeds in the lawn will be killed. Anything it touches it kills, so the day we complete your application we may need to reschedule because of windy conditions. We don’t want anything else getting over-sprayed during our process.

When do you apply the horticultural vinegar to the lawn?

We spray it anywhere from 3-7 days prior to the sodding job. That gives it enough time to get into the ground and kill everything. If there is a substantial amount of rain in the forecast we won’t spray because it will get washed away.

I am getting a deck installed, should they do their part first or you guys?

We always tell clients we are the last guys in so whether you are building a deck, doing a driveway, new fence, shed, etc we always want to be the last company in because I don’t other contractors wrecking your new sod.

I see you don't do irrigation but list a company on your estimates?

Yes we believe we can’t be everything to everyone and no our limits at this time. The company we recommend has been a company we have been working with for years and we work well together in coordinating scheduling of everything. It doesn’t matter who you sign with if you are doing irrigation but if you sign with another company you just need to keep us in the loop with their scheduling.

I met with an irrigation company and they said you have to remove the grass first, is that true?

This is a common question that we get asked and I don’t understand the irrigation companies reasoning behind it, to be honest. There was 1 company that insisted the client remove the sod first, that was the only way to do it. My question to the irrigation company is “what if the client wasn’t getting new sod, would you decline the order?”. So to answer your question no you don’t have to have the old sod removed first before they install the irrigation system.

Do you send us watering instructions afterward?

Yes we will send you a post-installation sheet on your watering frequency and lawn mowing

Do you warranty your sod installation?

We will warranty the sod for a period of 21 days after the installation. If there is a piece that seems to be yellowing or not looking right please send us a picture and we will determine what we need to do. There are some pieces that we look at that need more time and others that do in fact need to be replaced. We have had great success that we haven’t had to do much warranty work because we order extra sod and any pieces that look bad we toss right away. It does happen but luckily not very often.

What kind of grass do you use for sodding?

We use Kentucky Blue Grass which is grown locally in the Hamilton region

From the time I book how long do I have to wait to have sodding work completed?

Depending on the time of the season you could be anywhere from 1-3 weeks in the queue. May, June, and July are busy months and then it picks up again in September and October for the fall season.

Do I have to be home while the sodding work is being done?

No, you don’t have to be home as long as we have full access to the area we are sodding and have access to a water source and a hose/sprinkler.

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Here’s How We Sod

1. Pre Sodding Evaluation

You’ve seen us out there, getting down and dirty to make your lawn look perfect. At this stage of the process we’ll inspect the soil, clear away any weeds, or plants as well as measure out the property and project to ensure that everything fits and looks great, exactly as planned.

Sod Installation | Sodding
Sod Installation | Sodding| Using a sod cutter

2. Cut The Existing Sod & Lawn

We use a sod cutter to remove the old sod. After removing the old sod, we use high-quality fertilizer to prepare the soil for the new sod.

3. Level The Area With a Triple Mix Soil

We use the best quality soil to prepare your yard for sodding and grade the ground to ensure an even terrain. Our triple mix soil contains the perfect balance of peat moss, compost, and soil.

Sod Installation | Sodding
Sod Installation | Sodding| Using a sod cutter

4. Complete The Sodding Project With An Inspection

Once the ground is ready, we lay the sod in your preferred pattern to achieve your desired aesthetics. After laying the sod, we trim the edges to ensure a perfect finish.  We then do a complete walk around and inspection to ensure the sod is installed properly to your satisfaction.

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