5 Essential Snow Removal Tips For Your Property

Snow Removal Tips You Should Know

How are you supposed to remove snow from your home’s front lawn? While that question might seem dumb and easy to answer, it isn’t as straightforward as you think. You might assume that grabbing a shovel and getting to work is the correct answer. But, if your main goal is to hurt your back and wrists, it would be.

In other words, there are many mistakes you can make in an attempt to remove the flake, which can affect your efficiency and even effectiveness at the task.

So, to ensure your snow-removal efforts don’t leave you in pain, here are the common snow-removal mistakes you should be avoiding:

1. Not Clearing Your Roof

If flake starts piling up on your roof, you’re in for more trouble than you want. Your roof is subject to extreme weight, which can cause damage. Furthermore, you could damage your roof if you attempt to remove the flake if you’re too tired.

The solution: Clear your roof before it becomes a problem. If you don’t want to use a ladder, use a flake rake to pull the flake off the roof.

2. Pushing Snow with a Shovel

Using a shovel to push flakes is incredibly ineffective. It does not remove flakes from an area efficiently, but it can also damage the shovel. The shovel is designed to dig and move flake, not push it. It will also result in an aching back and wrist.

The solution: Use a flake pusher to push the blizzard out of the way. The flake pusher is designed for just that purpose.

3. Using a Dull Shovel

While using a well-sharpened shovel will help immensely, it isn’t enough. Using a dull shovel means you’ll have to work harder to move the blizzard, which leads to more significant problems, like an injury.

The solution: Sharpen your shovel frequently. You can even get a shovel sharpener designed for the task.

4. Not Clearing the Driveway

Clearing the driveway is not just for the sake of convenience. It would be best to consider the snow removal equipment you’ll need to use to remove the blizzard from the driveway. You’ll have a hard time moving large piles of blizzard from the driveway with just a blizzard rake.

The solution: Clear the blizzard from your driveway before attempting to move it. That way, you won’t have to go through clearing the driveway and then moving it.

5. Not Hiring Professional Snow Removal Services

While you might have the physical strength and time to do any blizzard-clearing job, you probably don’t know the technique to do it properly. Hiring a professional with the right equipment can make clearing blizzards much more effective and, more importantly, safer for you!

The solution: Hire a snow-removal professional to do the job for you. It’s not worth risking the safety and health of your family trying to DIY blizzard clearing.


That sums up the common snow removal mistakes you should avoid while taking care of blizzards on your home’s exterior. Remember these tips and apply them when the blizzard starts to pile up around your property this winter. Then, not only will your back and wrists thank you, but your family will too, with a safer household to live in!
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