Why Professional Sod Installation Is Stress Free

Learn About Why a Professional Sod Installation Service is The Stress-Free Way.

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Clear Cut Group, an owner-operated company, has been in business for over ten years serving Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Burlington, and Milton. Personal commitment to providing commercial excellence to homeowners at a reasonable pricing structure adjusted for the residential client is a core value. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The service menu affords clients the ease of one-stop shopping for all their lawn and property care needs, including professional sod installation.

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Is a DIY Sod Installation Worth the Savings?

The decision to hire a professional sod installation crew or DIY install a new sod lawn ultimately depends on personal needs. When making this decision, several factors come into play, including time, labor, equipment and materials, and cost.


Most DIY home improvement projects require time. The average homeowner lacks the skills, tools, shortcuts, large labor pool, and manual proficiency needed to complete typical home and yard improvement projects with the quality and time efficiency of the professionals. Remodeling the bathroom can be extended out for many weekends, especially if the bathroom being remodeled is a spare and can be sidelined for a while.

Such luxury is not a possibility with a sod installation project.

Installing a new sod lawn requires time. The hours needed to do the job right can multiply quickly. Extensive site preparation of a large yard can consume days if the homeowner lacks the necessary tools and manpower. Site preparation and sod installation cannot be spread over weeks or months.

The industrious homeowner may rent the necessary equipment and hire a small band of weekend DIY warriors for the site prep only to have the topsoil, grading, and precisely finessed contours washed away by a sudden, heavy downpour or an extended period of rain.

Once the sod is delivered, it needs to be installed immediately. The freshly cut sod dries out very rapidly if left on the pallet to bake in the hot sun. Watering the product down can buy some time, but every hour counts when installing sod. A delay of a day or two can lead to a massive fail with a DIY sod installation.


Installing a new sod lawn is labor-intensive and hard work! The DIY homeowner who decides to tackle a sod installation should be prepared to move large quantities of soil. If all they have are a shovel and wheelbarrow, the task will not only take hours upon hours, but it will also be back-breaking, especially if the homeowner is not accustomed to hard, manual labor.

Once the soil is moved into place one wheelbarrow load at a time, it must then be spread and contoured to the desired grade. Bags of fertilizer must be broadcast. Then, depending on the size of the job, hundreds of rolls of sod must be laid, carefully positioned, and trimmed where needed.

Small projects can quickly overwhelm the homeowner who lacks the tools and manpower to make the DIY job go quickly and easily.

Equipment and Materials

Most homeowners do not own fertilizer spreaders, sod rollers, a tractor, or tillers. This equipment is essential for proper sod installation. As a result, the homeowner engaging in the DIY sod installation project has the additional burden of locating, renting or purchasing the equipment necessary to do the work.

Hours could easily be spent picking up and returning these items. Renting a small trailer may be necessary to haul all the equipment.


The most popular reason homeowners take on sod installation as a DIY project is to reduce expenses and save money, perhaps for another home improvement project. This effort to save money is quite understandable. However, the homeowner should have all the facts before committing to a DIY sod installation in Mississauga.

Admittedly, DIY can reduce the front-end expense of professional labor from the landscaping budget. However, tool rental fees can add up very quickly. If the project is delayed a day or two due to weather, equipment failure, delays at the sod farm, or a family or work emergency, the rental budget could explode.

Sourcing and returning equipment and materials can consume any bumper time budgeted for the project. If a piece of equipment fails, the homeowner is faced with the decision of returning the equipment for a replacement or attempting to fix it.

If the rental company has closed for the day, the project could be delayed. Even worse, the sod could die on the pallet while waiting to be installed.

Homeowners need to consider the value of their time when estimating the cost of a DIY sod installation project. The homeowner may hire several teenagers to lay the sod, but their inexperience and inefficiency may actually lead to labor costs that exceed the labor cost of a professional installation crew.

Improper installation techniques by inexperienced laborers might also lead to large sections of the sod needing to be replaced. A professional sod installation crew that is knowledgeable and experienced operates like a well-oiled machine. The sod is quickly installed according to industry standards. Spoilage is minimal. The likelihood that the entire project will be a beautiful success is almost assured.

Customer Satisfaction

Once the truck drops the sod off at the homeowner’s house, the homeowner is responsible for the success or failure of the project. Reputable professional installers offer a warranty or guarantee on their work because customer satisfaction is crucial for future business and client referrals. The installation crew will remedy many quality issues within a certain amount of time. Homeowners that DIY forfeit this extra layer of security.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Sod Installation Company

A professional sod installation crew is made up of well-trained teams that quickly execute each step of the project with practiced efficiency. On installation day, professional crews arrive on-site and on time as scheduled. All necessary equipment, tools, and materials arrive with the crew. The sod needs to be in place and receiving hydration and nutrition as soon as possible.

No delays mean that the freshly-cut sod is installed very quickly and can begin to transition its root structure to the new yard. Time and efficiency are crucial to achieve a stunning sod installation. The final product is a beautiful, healthy lawn installed very efficiently and with satisfaction guaranteed.

The Clear Cut Group specialists offer a variety of services, including lawn mowing, yard cleanup, mulching, eavestrough or gutter cleaning, window cleaning, sod installation, snow removal, and festive light setups for Christmas and Diwali. They also provide commercial services such as lawn mowing, sod laying, and Christmas light setups.

For more information about sodding or lawn replacement and landscape maintenance services, contact Clear Cut Group by email at sales@clearcutgroup.ca or by phone at (905) 824-6597.


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