4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing a Sod Lawn

Installing a Grass yard or installing a Sod lawn? Are you having trouble with which one to go with? You’ll be able to understand the advantages of having a sod lawn in this article. Read on to find out more.

Having a nice grass yard is always ideal. For one, a nice yard sets a good impression on your home and lets the neighborhood know that you value taking care of your property. Also, a nice yard can give them an open space to play and have fun if you have kids or pets. But it’s not always easy to grow a lush, green yard from planting seeds. There is a better option, though. And that is through installing sod.

4 Advantages of having a Sod Lawn

Here are four advantages of having a sod lawn for your property:

1. Less Cost and Effort

Planting seeds can get quite expensive if you don’t plant them correctly. Also, depending on your yard size, you may need to water the grass and seeds often to ensure they can grow. And if you’ve ever grown grass from seed, you would know that it takes a while for the grass to grow.

A sod lawn, on the other hand, is ready for you to use immediately. There won’t be as much effort or money as a seed-based yard. This is a great time-saver.

2. Faster Results

If you have ever grown a yard from seeds, you know it can be a slow process. And this makes the installation process very unpredictable. You can’t plan when it’s going to be done. So instead, you have to keep watering the seeds, ensuring they get sufficient sunlight and good soil. All of this can take a while, depending on the quality of the seeds and the weather.

A sod lawn, on the other hand, has been growing for a while, so it’s more mature. As a result, it’s ready to be used as soon as you install it.

3. Durability

One of the most frustrating parts of having a yard is when it becomes infested with weeds. This is one of the main problems with seed-based yard. They contain no substances which can protect the seeds from weeds. This is a massive inconvenience because you must keep pulling out the weeds and working on the terrace. Otherwise, the weeds might overtake the terrace

A sod lawn, on the other hand, is a more convenient option. It already has root systems that can protect the grass from outside infestations. This means that you don’t have to worry about weeds.

4. Less Irrigation

Seed-based terraces need more water than sod lawns. This is because the grass has not been growing for a long time, so it requires more water and care.

It’s good to know that sod lawns require less water than seed-based terrace. The roots are more established, and the grass is more mature, so it doesn’t need as much attention.

Final Thoughts

Grass just looks great in every home. And it’s always a good feeling to have a great-looking terrace. But having a grass terrace can be a bit of a hassle because it takes hard work and time to get it going. And that’s not to mention all the money spent on seeds and fertilizer. So to make life easier, it’s good to go with a sod lawn. It looks great and is guaranteed to give you a lawn you can use. So don’t settle for a less-than-desirable lawn. Instead, choose a sod lawn for a lawn that you already love.

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