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A Little Bit About Window Cleaning.

Window cleaning is an amazing service for your home that not only makes it look beautiful but also helps to keep the energy inside positive and uplifting.

It’s understandable why window washing would be a popular choice in springtime, along with gutter cleaning of course! Clean windows are so important because they can make all the difference in your mood–clearing any negativity or doubt out by giving you more space to focus on what matters most: living life well.  Our window cleaning service is just one of the many residential property maintenance services to choose from.


What Is Our Window Cleaning Process?

At Clear Cut Group, we provide a professional window cleaning service that leaves your windows sparkling and streak-free. We use our own tried-and-true method of removing dirt from the surface using professional window cleaning tools to make sure you’re happy with the results every time!

Windows can be one of the most difficult household tasks. If you’ve ever tried to scrub and wash them, then you know how exhausting it is! Don’t waste your time – hire us for an amazing streak-free window cleaning that will make all like new again in just a few hours.

Window cleaning for your home is a must-have to maintain the beauty of your property. Get back weekends with family and friends by hiring professionals like us! We’re confident in our workmanship, so we offer free quotes on all window solutions today only!

Window cleaners are vital if you want to keep up appearances around the house or have them professionally done at an affordable price. You deserve time off from scrubbing hard surfaces just because it’s Saturday morning–leave that task to experts who can get windows spotless without any fuss or bother whatsoever (most times).

Regardless of whether window cleaning needs come about once a year or monthly, don’t let streaks ruin what would otherwise be an amazing window cleaning experience by hiring a professional you can trust.

We provide window cleaning services to these areas:


Why Do I Need Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning can play an important role in the calmness of a person.  Not only that but having clean windows just feels amazing.  Having clean windows feels great, and brightens up the home tremendously.

There are also health benefits to having clean windows.  We live in a very moist environment, so mold and mildew will collect in the frames and sills and that’s not healthy for anybody.  The haze you see on a window is a collection of moisture in the air that, when it evaporates, leaves a residue behind from what it’s collected in the air.

If you have kids, and pets, I’m sure you can relate that dirty windows are an everyday occurrence. At Clear Cut Group, we are here to help you take your weekends back and provide you with that streak-free shine you deserve.

You can view our reviews page to see what others are saying, including your neighbors!

So, stay healthy by keeping your windows clean and get a no obligation quote for your next window cleaning in Mississauga.

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Why Choose Clear Cut Group?

Choosing a company to work on your home is never an easy decision, and it can be even more challenging when choosing a window specialist. When done incorrectly, window cleaning can cause many negative consequences, such as an increase in your electricity and heating bill or a decrease in natural light.

Fortunately, with the Clear Cut Group’s licensed professionals, you can rest easy knowing your windows are being cared for by experts. For more than ten years, we’ve been providing top-quality window cleaning services in Mississauga and beyond. Our team comes highly trained and armed with extensive knowledge of the most effective window cleaning techniques and the latest gear.

At Clear Cut Group, we know how important a clean window is to your home and comfort, so we strive to use cleaning products that fit your situation. We plan our visit around your schedule but also the weather, ensuring that it’ll be bright and sunny once the cleaning process starts so that rain doesn’t streak the glass.

We’ll make sure that every window on your home is cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom, leaving only a clear, streak-free pane of glass and an unobstructed view of the outside.


Clean Windows Increase Curb Appeal

The better a house looks, the more it tends to be worth on the market. Buyers have a positive response to beautiful views, so making sure that your home’s windows are clean is a quick and easy way to increase its value. However, the opposite is also true, which means streaked or cracked windows with rotted sills will drop the market value of your home in a heartbeat.

The best way to ensure your windows are good enough to show off to buyers is by hiring a professional window cleaning service – and you won’t find it better than Clear Cut Group. Our expert team can handle jobs of any size and stands ready to get your windows to a mirror shine.


Have Your Windows Cleaned to Make Them Last Longer

Windows can take a lot of punishment over their lifetimes (particularly if you have kids or pets), and eventually interior and exterior factors wear them down. An unmaintained window is bombarded with thin particles that can cause hairline fractures in the glass, gradually making it more fragile. And constant exposure to the elements, such as rain, could eventually lead to your window sills rotting.

These conditions not only make windows ineffective, but they also create significant health hazards that can harm you or your family. Compromised glass can shatter and create dangerous projectiles, while a windowsill rotted by moisture is a perfect environment for mold growth that could lead to potential respiratory problems. This is in addition to the decreased protection from the elements that a window in disrepair provides.

Windows usually last for about 15 to 30 years, and consistent upkeep ensures that they are useful for the long haul. Clear Cut Group offers a professional and in-depth clean of all your windows, ensuring they retain their clarity and usefulness.


When Should I Get My Window Cleaning Done?

Springtime is the most popular time to get window cleaning services completed. We also have clients that arrange for eaves and window cleaning in spring, another window cleaning in August/September, and then just an eavestrough cleaning in the fall. Whatever schedule you want to set up we can manage it all with ease in our system. Why wait, request a quote today and we could have them completed as early as tomorrow!

For your next exterior window cleaning service, consider using us as your next choice.  Get a free quote today by calling (905) 824-6597 or get a quote here.


Is professional window cleaning worth it?

Yes, it is if you are concerned about clean windows on the outside of your home.  Cleaning exterior windows can be a very dangerous job for the average homeowner

Why should I hire a professional window cleaner?

People hire a professional for an array of reasons:

    • Time – They simply don’t have the time to complete them.
    • They can’t reach all their windows on the outside of the home.
    • They have the tools and skill to complete the job efficiently to reduce the amount of time on a ladder or lower roof.
What do professional window cleaners use?
  • Professional window cleaners use an array of chemicals or non-chemicals to complete window cleaning. For example, we have seen cleaners use sunlight dish detergent and we have also seen use a chemical specifically designed for cleaning windows.
  • There are also different products that cleaners use to clean screens and frames.
How much should I pay to have my windows cleaned?

Pricing will vary from $75 to $300 to clean exterior windows on an average size home.

What is included in window cleaning?

Window cleaning packages will vary based on the provider with the typical minimum include the exterior windows and frame.  Exterior window cleaning includes all windows on the home including patio doors and basement windows.

What is the best way to clean a window?

The best way to clean a window is with a squeegee and scrubber with each of those tools serving a specific purpose.

What is the best way to clean dirty outside windows?

The best way to clean a dirty window is to use a wet scrubber and scrub the entire window and frame. Then use a squeegee and clear off all that water/chemical from the window and the frame.  You will need to look at the window from a few different angles so you can see if you were successful or if you have to wash the window again if it was really dirty.

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