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Clear Cut Group’s yard clean up can take care of anything from raking leaves, trimming hedges to the proper fertilization for grass and soil in preparation for the cold months ahead.  This is all part of all the amazing residential property maintenance services we offer.

Our Yard Clean Up Service will ensure your property is clean and prepared for southern Ontario’s winter.

Feel confident while we are on your property as Clear Cut Group is fully bonded and insured.


Hedge Cutting

yard clean upIf you require your hedges to be cut then Clear Cut Group is your absolute best choice. Cutting your hedges on a regular basis will ensure the health of your hedges. It will also make your property look neat and clean. Clear Cut Group’s hedge cutting service is conducted by a professionally trained and uniformed staff.

We have professional hedge cutting equipment and tools to do the job right and we always clean-up anything that gets cut and bag it properly.


Yard Clean-Up

yard clean upClear Cut Group Yard Clean-Up Service is second to none. Cleaning your yard from various property jobs can be a daunting task with dozens of bags of yard waste produced as a result. Let Clear Cut Group take care of your yard clean-up needs! We can come and clean up your yard anytime – not just in the fall. Whether you need yard clean-up from various landscaping jobs or you need someone to remove those old shrubs and hedges Clear Cut Group will leave your property looking clean and presentable.

Clear Cut Group takes all yard cleaning jobs seriously and uses the same professionalism regardless if your yard clean-up job will take less than an hour or more than a week. All our staff is trained to deal with a variety of yard clean-up duties. They’re fully uniformed with a wide range of equipment to get any yard clean-up job done.


Yard Waste Removal

yard clean upYard Waste Removal by Clear Cut Group is the most reliable and environmentally sound way to remove yard waste from your property. If you have several bags of yard waste then contact Clear Cut Group to have your yard waste removed. We can bag a pile of debris that’s in your yard.

Our professional staff are fully uniformed, bonded, and insured so you can feel confident when we are on your property. Whether you have a simple bag of leaves from your home or your business has dozens of bags of yard waste Clear Cut Group is your yard waste removal solution!


yard clean upAerating your lawn can do wonders after the winter season. Aerating your lawn is the process of creating small holes which relieve thatch build-up. By aerating your lawn essential nutrients from fertilizers can reach the soil and air and water can get through. Your lawn’s roots will grow deeper and your lawn will be thick and lush as a result. Aerating your lawn in the fall before the winter will prepare it for the cold winter months.


Leaf Raking

yard clean upWith the fall season comes the changes in weather and many leaves. If you have trees surrounding your property then you’ll need them to be removed and raked to not only maintain a nice looking property but also to ensure that your lawn is protected during the winter. Our leaf raking service will remove anything from your lawn that the change in season brings. Why waste valuable hours raking leaves when you could have a professional team that will properly bag your leaves and leaves your lawn clean and protected for the cold season ahead?

If you’re also looking for lawn mowing and grass cutting services, be sure to ask us if we can help your lawn while we clean up your yard!


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What does a yard clean up consist of?

Spring Clean Up

  • General clean up of garden beds
  • Cutting back certain plants that require spring cleaning (not all plants are to be trimmed at the same time of the year)
  • Removal of sticks and twigs
  • Dethatching or a hard raking of the turf area
  • Aerating

Fall Clean Up

  • Clearing of garden beds
  • Blowing of leaves from all turf areas (natural or artificial)
  • Deadheading of certain plants
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Burlap certain shrubs and trees
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Final fertilizer application
  • Blowing out irrigation
  • Put away all patio furniture
  • Closing pool if present
What is the fastest way to clean up your yard?

Hiring a company that has the equipment and manpower to provide the service(s).  Rent a backpack leaf blower if you have a large yard.  Bag the material for disposal in yard waste bags.

How much should I pay for yard clean up?

The cost will vary depends on the size and complexity of the property and what services you would like completed.  If it is a simple blowing of leaves the average property can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500.

How do I prepare my yard for spring?

Complete your spring clean up as listed above.  Bring out patio furniture and such and give them a wash.

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