7 Reasons You Should Get a Sod Installation for Your Lawn To Beautify It

Are you starting a new lawn or trying to fill in bare patches in your existing lawn? You may be choosing between getting your lawn seeded or getting a sod installation instead. Both sides have their pros and cons. In this article, we will run you through the advantages of sodding. 

What Is Sodding?

Sod Installation is one of the ways to install grass on an area. The process involves laying sod over the area, usually in strips, rows, or a grid. It is an effective way to get grass growing in a hurry. 

Sodding can be done quickly and more efficiently than waiting for grass seeds to grow. In some cases, you may be able to walk on the new lawn immediately after the sod is laid. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider a sod installation for your lawn:

1 – A Mature and Lush Carpeting with Sod Installation

Unlike seeding, sodding can provide a lush carpet of grass right away. The sod laid on your lawn is made from mature, nurtured, and fully developed plants. While seeding may take a year or more to grow into mature grass, sodding gives you an instant lush carpet of grass ready to adjust to your lawn.

2 – A Better Look

Sodding also gives you a better look than seeding, as these plants are made from exceptional genes. These grass varieties are grown to provide the best genetics possible. Moreover, with sodding, you are assured that the grass will grow uniformly and look good over the area.

3 – Immediately Stop Mud

When you choose to seed your lawn, it will take a long time before it is ready to stop mud from pooling in your lawn. Meanwhile, with sodding, you will immediately have lush grass that will quickly absorb rainwater.

This is also important if you have kids or pets that can run over grass seedlings before they mature and cover the mud.

4 – Erosion Control

If you hydroseed your lawn and it rains, you may see ribbons of chemicals in the street washed away from your lawn. These are washouts that will leave your lawn bumpy and inhospitable for future grass seedlings.

If you get your lawn sodded, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by rain. Sodding can help control erosion. The sod is laid over the area and holds the soil in place. It also helps to reduce water runoff and water seepage.

5 – Less Frustration and Mistakes

Seeding gives you the most leeway when it comes to choosing the kind of grass you want. However, this means you have to be extra cautious with what you choose. 

You may have to consider the type of fertilizer you are using, mowing heights, etc., when growing your grass. Sodding prevents these problems as the experts can easily take care of your lawn.

6 – Cost-Efficient Maintenance

Seeding your lawn and growing your grass can cost you money, herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. You may even over-apply any of these chemicals and have to do over your lawn. It is more cost-efficient to get  Sod Installation and done in one go.

7 – Can Work Even on Poor Soils

If you have poor soil which is not conducive to growing healthy grass, you can still get it sodded. When you install grass from sod, you can get it even on poor soil, on slopes, and even on patios and driveways. The sod will help firm up the soil and make it more welcoming to plant your new lawn. You may need to fertilize and treat your soil to make it easier for your grass to grow for seeding.


Sod Installation is an excellent option for those who are not confident with grass seeding and want to get a lush, green lawn immediately. A sodded lawn is easy to install and can help to improve drainage, stop mud pooling, and help with erosion problems

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